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Sunday Service

Sundays ·9:00 AM

What to expect at The Walk

We are a church committed to faithfully preach God’s word and walking in relationship with Him and with each other. We long to see people in our community grow in a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ.


We offer both traditional and modern worship services so that believers of all generations can find worship experiences that speak to them. Above all else, we want our worship to be “in Spirit and in truth” and so we prioritize God-honoring and biblically sound worship in both our traditional and contemporary services.


We do not want there to be any hindrance from anyone who might wish to come and meet Christ, which is why our dress code for Sunday services is casual. You may see people dressed in anything from t-shirts to sports coats. Please dress to your level of comfort.

Children’s Ministry

Walk Kids + Faith Formation

We are a church for the entire family. With our children’s ministries, we strive to provide an age-appropriate place where they can experience Jesus Christ and learn how to live for Him first. We focus on understanding the lessons of the Bible and scripture memory as a way of building the foundation of faith.


We celebrate baptism for the proclamation that is being made by the believer, and for the beautiful picture it paints of new life in Christ. If you are interested in being baptized at The Walk, we would love to talk with you about that decision. Contact us below to learn more:

I would like to get baptized